Real power is something you take!


'Boxed In' 313 In the wake of a devastating family kidnapping, Bobby puts everything on the line to save lives.


I am SO excited about some Emma/Ann bonding. Even if it is in the most horrific circumstances. I hope Bobby gets to play hero. It’s clearly going to be a race between Harris and Bobby as to whom can rescue the girls. 


Josh Henderson- such a beautiful and hot man.

DallasTNT - 3.10

Someone has to put that boy in his place when Uncle Bobby’s not around.


On the next Dallas, the real truth comes out, and it’s time for the Ewings to pay. Monday at 9/8c on TNT!

DallasTNT - 3.10

Josh Henderson talks Dallas

3.09 Denial, Anger, Acceptance - Screencap Photoset 

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